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Synthetic Slate Roofing Materials Are Lighter than Natural Slate and Won’t Compromise the Strength of Your Roof.

Is your family scouting for a roofing solution that will supply you with each of the benefits you want, along with a beautiful and classic style? One of the best matches for your home just may be synthetic slate roofing shingles. This roofing not only looks as grand as natural slate but also improves your home with additional benefits too. Contact us now at 843-342-9800 to learn more about the options for synthetic slate roofing in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC and the nearby areas. Our professionals have been helping residents pick quality roofing systems for a long time, and we’re confident that we can assist you too!

Why Choose Synthetic Slate Roofing?

As far as roofing goes, the real slate has a fantastic reputation for its style, in addition to its resiliency. However, regardless of the fact that slate can last for over 150 years, it is costly to collect, install, as well as repair. Don’t panic, though, since synthetic slate roofing shingles have the answers to these issues, and deliver other benefits too! In regards to the lofty cost of natural slate, a synthetic slate roof installation costs half as much, but still provides the top quality fire protection you can count on from any Class A rated option. You can also expect an entire fifty years with this lightweight solution, during which you can benefit from improved impact resistance and only a quarter of the weight on your roof. The best part of all is that only a well-trained eye will notice the discrepancy between the real and synthetic materials. Here at RoofCrafters, we are glad to provide high quality synthetic slate roofing in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC that you can depend on for decades to come.

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Besides the immediately noticeable perks, a synthetic slate roof installation can also bolster your curb appeal, and with it, your property’s value. Besides being much more stylish than asphalt shingles, synthetic slate roofing shingles are additionally safe from hail and last more than twice as long. By lasting longer than other roofs, this material is able to produce less garbage, making it a green roof option. To ask for a quote for synthetic slate roofing, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 843-342-9800! No matter what your questions are, our crew of experts is available to help you find the ultimate roof for your home!