Green Roof Installation Services

Commercial Building After a Green Roof Installation

A Green Roof Installation Provides Benefits for Both Your Building and the Environment,

Are you researching ways to save on energy costs, or to reduce your business’ impact on the local environment? In that case, you may benefit from an affordable green roof installation in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC. As experienced roofers, RoofCrafters can help you with almost any kind of roof installation or repair service, according to your needs. To discover more, keep reading, or talk to one of our roofing professionals at 843-342-9800 now!

Benefits of a Green Roof Installation

Despite how frequently the term green roofing is utilized, it can be hard to discern precisely what that means, as it is frequently used in different contexts. Roof coatings are a great example of green roofing solutions, as they effectively reduce the impact a building has on the environment, and they enable the structure to use less energy. By allowing the contractors to install a roof coating over the existing roof, the existing roofing will not end up in a landfill, contributing to landfill waste. Thanks to how reflective roof coatings can be, they can effortlessly reflect the sun’s UV rays, which in turn lowers energy costs. In those ways, roof coatings are accepted as a green roofing option.

Reflective Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials

Not All Green Roofing Systems Involve Plants Growing on Your Commercial Roof.

In other scenarios, the term green roofing applies to a roof that is quite literally green with vegetation. It isn’t particularly commonplace to see this type of roof system in North America, though more roofers are exploring the effects of green roofs when it comes to cooling buildings and the air that surrounds those structures. Roof systems with organic vegetation have been shown to lower temperatures within heavily populated areas very effectively. Also, these roofs provide a platform for local plant life to grow which benefits the local environment. Through the reduction of greenhouse gases as well as the urban heat effect, such roof systems are considered another kind of green roof installation. In some places, green roofs have been used to cultivate vegetables for building inhabitants or to even house endangered local bird varieties.

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