Foam Roofing Installation and Repair

Close Up of a Roof After a Foam Roofing Installation

We Offer Services for a Professional Foam Roofing Installation on Any Style of Commercial Roof.

Have you been considering more efficient choices for your commercial roofing? Many clients have been turning to seamless polyurethane foam roofing systems that offer easy installation. To create foam roofing, polyol is mixed with isocyanate, which makes a liquid that is sprayed across your roof and sealed with a resilient topcoat. Designed specifically for commercial roof systems, this system provides exceptional leak protection because it is seamless, and superior UV protection because of its high shine. When you’re considering in a professional foam roofing installation in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC, give RoofCrafters a ring at 843-342-9800 to learn more!

Benefits Of a Foam Roofing Installation

In order to offer dependable protection from water, most commercial roof systems are covered with layers of roof material that are connected with bonded seams. While these methods are susceptible to a weakening of the seams over time, the spray application of foam roofing removes seams completely, which provides better leak protection. Foam roofing is additionally simple to install around rooftop protrusions such as A/C units or vents, as it is very flexible, and can stick to almost any surface. A foam roofing installation can continue to last for over 20 years when installed properly, and this lightweight roof system requires almost no maintenance. When the foam gets damaged or isĀ in need of repair, we simply spray another layer or foam roofing over the top of it. While there are several different types of foam roofing to choose from, at RoofCrafters we proudly offer installation and maintenance services for SPF spray foam roofing.

Affordable Foam Roofing Installation

Vents and Air Conditioner Units on a Flat Roof

A Foam Roofing Installation Easily Seals Around the Vents and Equipment on Your Commercial Roof.

Foam roofs provide an affordable and simple-to-apply roofing system for many commercial structures, which is why we offer them here at RoofCrafters. This roofing system additionally provides improved energy efficiency for your building, which you will benefit from for the lifespan of the roof. This roofing system works so effectively by reflecting sunshine off of the rooftop, which causes the temperature of the building to stay cooler, resulting in lower energy bills. Foam roofs have been recorded as an efficient method of reducing energy bills by 30%! If you would like to discover more about efficient commercial roofing solutions, contact us at 843-342-9800 and inquire about our foam roofing installation in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC!