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When you need local roofing that’s as reliable as it is affordable, call the experts of RoofCrafters first.We offer roofing service that maximizes your roof’s lifespan and protection to the entire Dorchester County, SC area. For a local roofing contractor in Dorchester County, SC you can count on, call the RoofCrafters experts at 843-342-9800.

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Professional Repair and Restoration

Our Experts Will Complete Your Service Quickly and Professionally.

In order for your roof to maintain its strength and durability over its lifetime, it must be properly taken care of. With years of experience and know-how, our experts can provide residential and commercial roof repair and service for any type of roofing system. Your local roofing contractor will work with you to identify a roof repair solution that fits both your needs and your budget. Our roofers can even offer restoration options for widespread repairs and wear and tear that can revive your roofing system. Call our roofing team at 843-342-9800 to learn more about our exceptional roof service and how a RoofCrafters local roofing contractor can get your Dorchester County, SC roof back to great.

Expert Roof Installation and Replacement


Sometimes, roof damage has progressed past the help of roof repair or restoration methods. When you find yourself in need of commercial or residential roof replacement in Dorchester County, SC, we can provide a local roofing contractor to discuss your replacement options. We will deliver detailed information on material benefits, cost, and performance, as well as tear-off and re-roofing advice so you can be sure you are getting the service you need. We can also provide guidance and service your new roof installations so your structure starts off on the right foot. When you’re looking for a local roofing contractor in Dorchester County, SC that can complete your installation or replacement with hassle-free service, call the RoofCrafters team.

No matter if you need commercial roof repair or residential roof installation, the RoofCrafters professionals are here to help. Call 843-342-9800 to schedule your roofing consultation in Dorchester County, SC with a local roofing contractor from RoofCrafters.