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Looking for a residential or commercial roofer in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC? RoofCrafters provides complete roofing services for your needs. Our roofers understand that when you have roofing service, you need the roofer to work with you and expect the best. With years of experience, our skilled roofers are always available to assist you. Our company makes the customer our focus for every roofing project, using quality installation, technique, and materials to ensure you get a roof you can rely on. We will adhere to your budget and listen to your concerns every time, providing the best customer experience in town. Each service is completed in a timely manner to have your property ready and protected against the next storm. Its all a part of how we provide you with the best service in town. Want to get started on your roofing service? Dial 843-342-9800 and speak with our roofing professionals today for your needs.

Roof Repair

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We Use the Best Practices and Materials to Give You a Dependable Roofing System.

Have you noticed wear on your commercial or residential roofing system? Your roof is your first line of defense when it comes to storms and other environmental factors. Wear can leave it vulnerable, allowing more damage to accrue on your roofing system and in your structure as well. When this happens, RoofCrafters offers roofer repair service in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC for your needs. We understand that when you need repair, you want a reliable roofer who will provide complete service, getting your roof back to its best. Our team starts with a thorough inspection of your commercial or residential roof, identifying all areas that have been weakened or damaged. From there, we will discuss your roofing needs with you before we start repairs. Through every step in our process, we will always keep you updated. Our goal is to ensure all damage is handled and to do so we use top rated materials and expert service to give you a roof you can trust in. Do you need residential or commercial roof repair for your property? Call our experts today at 843-342-9800 for roofer repair services!

Roof Replacement

There may come a time when repair will not be sufficient for your roof. There are many factors that can affect whether your roof is able to get repairs, such as its age and the extent of the damage. When repair is not possible for your roofing system, roof replacement can be your only option. When this is the case, the RoofCrafters roofer team is available to provide you with replacement service! We carry a variety of roofing materials in styles, colors, and types to meet your needs. Our team will help you identify the best choice for your commercial or residential roof based on your top concerns and work with your schedule to start the replacement process. With years of experience and expert technique, we install quality roofing for your property to give your home or business the best protection.

Not sure what roofing material you should choose for your new roof? Our team is always available to answer your questions about our products we carry. Reach out a RoofCrafters roofer today to get started on your roof replacement or to learn more about our roofing services when you dial 843-342-9800.

Residential Services

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofer Service

No Matter What Service You Are Looking for, Our Roofer Team Is Available for You.

RoofCrafters has been providing the Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC area with roofing solutions for years. We have the experience and expertise needed for your residential roofing system. Your home’s roof goes through a great deal, handling storms with rain, hail, winds and more. Damage to your system can allow leaks to happen, which can affect your home’s structure with mold mildew and wood rot. It is important to act quickly and have regular service to keep your roof in peak condition. When you choose the roofer team at RoofCrafters, our experts provide thorough inspection and repair to ensure you have a quality roof at all times. Our services span everything from inspection and maintenance to complete replacement.

  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair Curling or cracking of your shingles is a sign or wear and the need for repair or replacement.
  • Premium Roof Systems Our roofer team only uses premium materials for roofing service and offers a variety for you to choose from.
  • Roof Installation We use the best materials and techniques to give your property a quality roofing system you can rely on.
  • Roof Inspections Whether it if a regular inspection or for an insurance claim, our inspections are thorough for your needs.
  • Roof Repair Company This service can ensure your roof stays protected and fortifies it before the next storm.
  • Roof Replacement When repair is no longer an option, roof replacement may be your best bet for your roof.
  • Soffit & Fascia Roof Repair Warping and discoloration require repair to ensure water damage and pest invasion are stopped.

We can even assist with your roofing insurance claim as well. Our experts will work on your behalf with the insurance company to ensure you get all of the necessary repairs. Once it is time for repair, our friendly staff will get to work, keeping you up to date on the process and ensuring your roof is completed in a timely manner. Let’s get started today. Give us a call at 843-342-9800 and speak with our skilled roofer team about your residential roof and service needs!

Commercial Services

Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial Roofer Service

Our Commercial Roofing Company Provides You with Expert Repair and Replacement.

At RoofCrafters, we know your commercial roof has specific needs to keep it at its best. No two commercial roofs are the same. Our commercial roofer team provides complete commercial roofing services tailored to your roof. We have years of experience with all commercial roofing types, including flat roofing, foam roofing and more. To ensure we can help you, we offer a wide range of roofing services. Call us today at 843-342-9800 for your commercial roofer service needs in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC.

When you need commercial roofing service such as an inspection or an alternative to replacement, RoofCrafters has got your back. We improve and repair your roof using premium materials. We even offer restoration and coating services to add additional benefits and strengthen your roof against damage. We put you and your needs first with every service.

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When You Need Residential or Commercial Roofing Repair, Call Us!

No matter if you have a residential or commercial roofing system in need of service, our roofer team is available to assist you. We maintain an A+ rating for our skilled service, excellent customer service, and proven experience with the BBB, meaning you get the best roofing for your property every time. You want a roof you can trust to handle anything a storm throws your way. We use skilled techniques, expert knowledge, and premium materials to complete all installation, repair, and services your property needs, ensuring you get the exact service and quality you expect. We are your number one trusted roofing company in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC. Call us today at 843-342-9800 for services from an experienced residential and commercial roofer.